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SUP tours over cyprus

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We provide hard and inflatable paddle boards of various sizes. Rent a SUP for an hour, half day, full day or weekly or join us on SUP tour to a great location. There is absolutely no need for prior experience of Stand Up Paddle. We welcome all levels, from beginners to pros, aiming to provide a unique experience. 


If you are not experienced paddler we recommend you to take one hour of instructions. During lessons we’ll give you the information about: safety on the sea, familiarity with Stand Up Paddle, using the paddle for stability and basic paddle strokes and turns. We conduct our lessons in a secluded, crowd-free location. It is a great lesson / tour fit for beginners that can sustain 1-1.5 hours of physical activity. We supply you with boards, paddles and fun; you supply us with your smile and positive attitude.


There are lots of great places to paddle around Cyprus and we can recommend the perfect spot for you. We’ll advise you regarding the tour and directions so you can take advantage of the wind and weather to maximize your enjoyment and stay safe.

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Daily paddle boarding tour to the Rock of Limniti (West part of North Cyprus). One of the most beautiful coastal attractions islandwide. 69£ p/p only (3 persons at least). Message us +447479297011 for details.


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